Jeff Meade


Jeff, after he Krazy-Glued a Nikon camera to his face. Photo by the evil Brian Mengini.

Jeff is one of the founding editors of

His Irish credentials? Well, on his mother’s side there are McNultys and Scanlons all over the place, mostly railroad workers. On the Meade side, the pedigree is, shall we say, less certain. Some people think the Meades are from Mars.

Jeff has played drums in Irish bagpipe bands (and no, that dress does not make him look fat), and he has been known to pound the bodhran in something like a rhythmic manner at Philadelphia-area Irish traditional music sessions.

Incredibly, perfectly sensible people have employed Jeff as a writer, reporter, editor and Web geek at several newspapers, national magazines and Web sites.

Even more astonishing, Jeff is a member of the National Press Photographers Association, the Online News Association, and the Association of Health Care Journalists.