About Us

irishphiladelphia.com is our way of documenting Irish and Irish-American history and culture in the Philly area.

After 10 years of writing blog posts (you can still find them all here) we took a break and tried to figure out what we’d do next—if anything.

What figured out is this. Although we’re both writers—we’ve been published in newspapers, national magazines, books and on the web for more than 40 years—we’ve decided we like multimedia best.

We also decided the job is too big to do alone, so we’ve gotten help.

A written blog post is something you can turn around in a day. Graphics and audio can take longer. So we’re not going to publish all the time, but from time to time.

Hope you like it. And if you have ideas, send them here.

About Our Color Scheme

We could have gone green, green, green. Booooooring! Not to mention cliche.

The background color is a St. Patrick’s Blue. There is such a thing. In fact, we got the idea from an Irish pipe band, whose kilts are that color. The other colors are green, gold and white, the colors of the Irish tricolor. So, yes, there’s green, but we just didn’t want to overdo it.